first post seems the most difficult?

   This is it. Time to blog. No ignoring it any more. I fell in love with the Tiny House idea a couple of years back when someone shared a story about them on Facebook. I clicked on the picture and I was immediately hooked. It was adorable and I wanted one. It’s perfect for me and my lifestyle as it appears that I move a lot! So, I plan on never packing and unpacking again, instead, just a tow here and there.

   Where am I today since then? I have my trailer and have begun collecting pieces and parts that hopefully will go together without a hitch. Or so I hope. Whatever happens along the way I am now going to document. I should have began this awhile back because I want to fill in some past events that I feel would help tie in to my current journey. That is a large time span though, one that would drive me nuts and probably you too if I tried to now throw it all on here. I am going to post some past pics and short snippets  about each as a quickie recollection to get caught up to the present. 

   Here we go…